Thursday, February 9, 2012

Modern Family

Modern Family
Episode 14: Me? Jealous?
By: Carlos Uribe

Modern Family is a show about a family that is supposedly modern.

Spoilers Ahoy!

There's a small plot in this week that provided the biggest laugh of the episode. Haley is forced by her parents to become a Big Sister. She starts to give the Big Sister all the attention that Alex has craved for in the past. Haley wants to frame the picture that her Little Sister drew but she had ignored the picture that Alex had drew back when she was the same age. Alex was jealous of Haley. They fight for a bit but Luke makes the mistake of getting in the middle of the argument. He's hoping that this will bring peace. It does. The girls decide to dress Luke up in girl's garments despite his protests and even threats to burn the house down. The coda when Claire and Phil come home and see Luke's female persona, or Betty Luke, and force his picture to be taken was simply priceless. Here's hoping that one day that persona will find it's way back. Just in small doses.

Their parents have a much more prominent role in the episode. Phil is trying to win over the business of Tad with the help of his wife. The obstacle is that Claire thinks that Tad is hitting on her. He kisses her on the lips, brings her wine, and fixes a messy table after having taken his shirt of. She is convinced that he has a thing for her. Phil doesn't think that as he believes that's just Tad's mannerisms. When they visit Tad's home and he kisses everyone but Phil on the lips, it's obvious that Phil is right. Claire is forced to look like a fool but she's more willing to be friendly around Tad. It seems that everything is going fine until Claire laughs at one of Tad's stories. This causes Phil to get jealous because his jokes are important to him. In his mind, only he can make his wife laugh. It was a great story with a pretty good performance from Greg Kinnear.

While this is all happening, Cam and Mitchell temporarily move into Jay and Gloria's house since their own home is being fumigated. This leads to some conflicts. Gloria gets jealous since Cam reorganizes the kitchen so it flows better and brightens the dining room up. She knows that she's not a very good home organizer but this felt more like an attack to her than a gesture to help. Cam gets jealous since Gloria plays the mother role to Lily very well. He knows that Lily doesn't have a female model figure and it threatens him. They both realize that despite their insecurity, the other person really just means well and they shouldn't be threatened by the other. It had a nice little resolution with some Columbian kitchen “dance” (for a lack of a better word.)

There's also some troubles between Jay and Mitchel. Jay has been making some lawyer jokes and this has makes Mitchell once again feel like Jay doesn't respect him. Jay is just having some fun with jokes and isn't at all intending to hurt Mitchell's feelings. He's actually proud that his son is a lawyer. This feeling of not having pride comes to a head when Jay interrupts a meeting with Mitchel's client: an old talk show radio host. Jay is a huge fan and uses the meeting to introduce himself. Mitchel thinks this is more of his father not having any respect for him. It all turns out well and Mitchel makes it up to him by the end. This story wasn't that funny.

It was overall a good episode of Modern Family. It had a common theme of jealousy and how this can create tension between people. It's also worth nothing that misunderstandings created the jealousy. This created a strong episode that was filled with many great gags. Greg Kinnear was a good guest star and he didn't take the show overall.

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